anginging: performance event at Assembly Point 13.04.18 

Dennis McNulty’s performance anginging was made in response to the exhibiton nth nature. McNulty performed live with a Roland TB-303, the sampled voice of American artist Nancy Holt and a piece of his bespoke custom software called MARK.

MARK is an algorithmic musical collaborator, a cognitive prosthetic which traces latent desire-lines through human-programmed musical patterns. In anginging, drum-machine rhythms were bent and interwoven with wiry trails of 303 and Holt’s voice, sampled from Boomerang, her collaboration with Richard Serra. anginging drew on this classic work, fusing it with the legacy of the 303 via custom algorithms to make a new kind of acid.

nth nature was installed at Assembly Point, London. 2018

Dennis McNulty (b. Dublin, Ireland) is an artist, music-maker and engineer. More of his work can be seen here.

Photography by Eleni Parousi.